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How FLEX Engagements Work

  • How do I get started?

    Contact us. We’ll schedule a time to talk with you to learn more about your business, legal team, and current needs. We’ll then recommend FLEX attorneys we believe would best match your needs and work culture. You’ll interview the attorneys and make a selection.

  • How are FLEX engagements structured?

    You commit upfront to an amount of time to ensure the availability of your FLEX attorney. When your workflow is fairly predictable, we’ll recommend a part-time or full-time engagement, with a set number of hours per week. For more flexibility, you can purchase a number of hours to use over the course of a 13-week quarter (a “Quarterly”) and call upon your FLEX attorney as needed, with no set weekly schedule. With either structure, you can avoid the surprises that come with hourly billing.

  • Do I have to use hours evenly throughout the quarterly engagement?

    No. We understand that your workflow may be uneven from week to week, and that’s fine. We encourage a lot of communication between you and the FLEX attorney about upcoming projects and the timing of those projects to set expectations. The attorney will keep you updated regarding the “pace” of their hours as well.

  • How does FLEX differ from staffing agencies?

    Like traditional staffing agencies, we give you access to attorneys who will work with you on an in-house basis at cost-effective rates. But unlike those agencies, we’re the only service connected to an Am Law 100 firm and our internal client managers are all attorneys who understand the legal expertise required by our clients.

    This benefits our clients in several ways:

    • Our team is better equipped to understand your legal needs than the typical staffing agency “sales” person or recruiter.
    • We carefully vet potential FLEX attorneys. Because we are a team of lawyers, we can evaluate both our candidates’ soft skills and substantive legal skills. We test each attorney’s practical knowledge and negotiation style, so you can feel confident about the quality of your FLEX attorney and the work-style match.
    • FLEX attorneys can access Fenwick-created forms and knowledge management databases on your behalf at no cost.
    • If you’re also a firm client, FLEX attorneys can easily collaborate with your Fenwick team, as needed.
  • Is FLEX right for me?

    Our clients range from high-growth startups to major public companies. The quickest way to figure out if FLEX is a good solution for you is to contact us about your current needs and growth plans.

About FLEX Attorneys

  • What if my FLEX attorney doesn't work out?

    At FLEX, we leverage our expertise to make sure you have the right attorney for your needs. We have regular check-ins with both you and the FLEX attorney to make sure everything is running smoothly. On those rare occasions where things don’t work out, we’ll work hard to find an alternate attorney as quickly as possible.

  • What if I want to hire my FLEX attorney?

    While we hate to lose our lawyers, we love successful engagements. If you and your FLEX attorney eventually want a direct employment relationship, we want to help. All we request is a conversion fee, which is often less than you would pay a recruiter.

  • Do I get the same FLEX attorney throughout the engagement?

    Yes. Assuming you and the FLEX attorney continue to enjoy working together, you will work with the same FLEX attorney throughout the engagement term. Of course, sometimes our attorneys might find other opportunities. In that case, our internal team will work closely with you to find a new FLEX attorney who meets your needs.

  • What practice areas can my FLEX attorney handle? At what level of expertise?

    FLEX attorneys can provide legal support in a wide range of practice areas. The majority of our attorneys have significant experience with routine technology transactions and day-to-day commercial contracts. We also have attorneys who specialize in privacy, product counseling, M&A, trademarks, employment, and corporate governance. After you contact us, we’ll quickly be able to let you know if we have available attorneys that meet your requirements.

    We can provide FLEX attorneys at whatever level of experience makes sense for your particular needs. Our most junior attorneys generally have at least five years of experience in one or more substantive legal areas, both in-house and with large law firms. Our most experienced attorneys bring significant general counsel-level experience and are capable of handling the entire legal function for a small-to-midsize company.

  • Will my FLEX attorney work onsite?

    This depends on your preference and the FLEX attorney’s location. Generally, for Quarterly or part-time engagements, FLEX attorneys work remotely and come onsite if necessary for pre-arranged meetings. FLEX attorneys on full-time engagements are typically open to working on-site. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll recommend FLEX attorneys who match.

  • What is FLEX's vetting process for attorneys?

    We conduct all of the standard screening processes that you might expect: phone and in-person interviews, background checks, reference checks, good standing checks. We also ask all FLEX attorney candidates to complete a written skills exercise to help us understand their substantive legal knowledge. Our internal team managers – all of whom are attorneys – also go through the exercise verbally with the candidate, to better appreciate the candidate’s advising style and approach to negotiation. We use the results of this evaluation when matching FLEX attorneys with our clients.

FLEX and Fenwick

  • How is FLEX related to Fenwick & West?
  • Are FLEX attorneys Fenwick & West Lawyers?

    FLEX attorneys are sometimes Fenwick alums, but none are currently partners or associates of the firm. To provide clients with attorneys who can hit the ground running, we generally recruit lawyers who have significant in-house experience in addition to law firm experience.

  • Can I work with FLEX if I am not a Fenwick & West client?

    Absolutely. Even if you’re a client of another law firm, you’ll always get high-quality lawyers at cost-effective prices, managed by our legally-trained internal staff.

  • How does working with FLEX differ from working with a law firm?

    Think of FLEX as your in-house team. Fenwick (and other law firms) are still available when you need outside counsel, but when you have significant and growing day-to-day legal needs and want predictable fees, that’s a great time to contact us.

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