Why join FLEX?

FLEX, a service of Fenwick, provides attorneys with access to technology and life sciences clients ranging from high growth startups to publicly traded companies.

In the FLEX model, you set the parameters of the types of engagements you would like – whether it’s part-time, full-time, onsite, remote, with a certain commute radius, types of companies, etc. We present those opportunities to you, and then you tell us whether you want to be considered for the role.

  • Fenwick Resources & Benefits Offerings

    FLEX attorneys have access to Fenwick resources and benefits offerings.

  • Selective Hiring Process

    The selectivity of our hiring process further adds to our credibility in the marketplace.

  • Our Internal Team

    Our team members are nearly all attorneys who understand your perspective and want to help to achieve your career goals.

  • Flexibility

    We offer remote, onsite, full-time, part-time and a variety of other flexible workstyles to cater to your professional needs.

Who is best suited to join FLEX?

Our attorneys have great legal experience, solid business acumen and excellent people skills. Ideal FLEX attorneys have a combination of strong credentials and both law firm and in-house experience. We find that our lawyers generally have three different goals when they join FLEX:

  • Attorneys who want a more flexible lifestyle and the ability to adjust their work commitments in response to their outside pursuits
  • Attorneys who are in a career transition temporarily and are seeking new opportunities
  • Attorneys in solo practice who are looking for additional work to augment their practice

Talent we are currently seeking