What is FLEX?

In-House Counsel on Demand

A service offering of Fenwick, FLEX provides high quality, customized and cost-effective interim in-house counsel staffing. Much like our market leading, entrepreneurial client base, Fenwick constantly seeks ways to innovate and remain best in class both for our legal work and for our client service. With this in mind, the firm launched FLEX.


FLEX was launched in 2010 by Ralph Pais, then the Chair of Fenwick’s Technology Transactions practice, and Alexandra “Alex” Smith, a former Fenwick associate who was then managing operations at a startup. With his vast experience serving startup clients, Ralph knew there were times clients would benefit from a high quality, less expensive option for day-to-day legal needs with predictable billing. Ralph and Alex also recognized there were many talented lawyers that craved more flexibility in their work life. FLEX was born as a synergistic solution to address both of these needs. FLEX has continued to grow rapidly ever since. While Alex has taken the FLEX philosophy to heart and is traveling the world, Ralph remains an advisor to FLEX.

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