3 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Temporary Legal Support Services

The business world has undergone tectonic shifts since the emergence of COVID-19. The pandemic has created new challenges and opportunities for every industry and sector, including temporary legal support services like FLEX by Fenwick.

This article identifies three pandemic-related changes that have profoundly impacted temporary legal support services. We also share tips to help companies adapt quickly to these changes and get the most value from their temporary legal support engagements.

On-Site Work Becomes a Thing of the Past

Before COVID-19, many engagements required interim counsel to work on-site. Since the pandemic shift to remote work, companies rarely need interim counsel to complete their assignments in person.

For Silicon Valley companies, remote work means access to a larger pool of talented interim counsel. Rather than being confined to finding temporary legal support in the San Francisco Bay Area, they can tap into FLEX’s nationwide network. Companies are taking advantage of this flexibility when choosing who to hire—providing support to cover multiple time zones.

Communication is Key

The shift to remote work means managers must be more mindful than ever about communicating with interim in-house counsel and keeping them in the loop.

Companies can get the most out of their engagement by setting clear expectations with interim employees upfront and establishing regular check-ins to ensure they have the information and tools to complete their assignments. For example, companies can:

  • Recognizing that you’ll rely on asynchronous communication such as email, discuss how quickly you expect an email reply.
  • Be clear about project deadlines and when interim counsel should seek feedback from their managers.
  • If the interim counsel will be filling in for a staffer on temporary leave, arrange for them to meet to make the handoff as seamless as possible.
  • Use technology such as project management software and real-time messaging so everyone on the team can stay up-to-date.

FLEX by Fenwick screens all its interim counsel candidates to select professionals with strong communication and legal skills.

Top Talent on Call

Since the pandemic, more lawyers are willing to forego full-time work in favor of the flexibility offered by temporary placements.

For companies, this means they can get high-quality temporary legal support without having to bring someone on staff, with all the associated costs and commitments.

FLEX has an exceptional roster of attorneys. We vet each person via interviews, background and reference checks, and hypothetical fact patterns.

Be Adaptable

The pandemic has reshaped our workplaces and our workstreams. Companies that recognize and adapt to these new ways of working can take advantage of temporary legal support to get top talent at their fingertips to handle any legal situation.

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